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Happy Birthday! La Befana is one of our favourite restaurants. The Panna is my husband's favourite and I always get the Siciliana - you can ask for extra anchovies and they will also do it with a tomato base as well at no extra cost. Up until recently the lunch special was 1050 yen and you could get a glass of wine or beer included for that price as well!


My husband and I compete over who makes the more disappointing order. He was definitely in the lead for the first few years of our marriage, but I am catching up. Unfortunately. Anyway, happy birthday!


Many happy returns.

I can understand how your computer gets dirty. I use mine like a book so I have snacks and sometimes meals with it open in front of me. I find corn/fruit the worst for splatters.

How is the wrist rest working out?

Funnily enough last Saturday my friend and I were having pizza for lunch as well (-1000 yen including salad and a drink at Pizza Salvatore here in Kyoto).

It was such a nice day we went for a walk up the river and checked out new (to us) cafes and restaurants in the Demchiyanagi area.

If you can't find clothes to fit/books to buy 'food shopping' is a great alternative:)



happy birthday!


Happy birthday!

Melissa Maples

Happy birthday!

Hey, did you know you can wash your computer keyboard? Just take it apart with a screwdriver and put all the little plastic bits in a sink full of warm, soapy water. I do it all the time, works like a charm.


Happy belated birthday!


Hope you had a great birthday.

I wish I could follow you around and eat at all the places you go to! They almost always sound so delicious! This time was no exception.


Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a fantastic day!


Happy birthday, and I've never heard of those kind of couple competitions before, so maybe it's just you guys?


Happy Birthday Amy. Welcome to the 35 club. Hmmm, the last pizza I had was a Siciliana but not from La Befana. It was from Incendio's in Gastown. Fairly thin crust, and plenty of anchovies and capers.


Happy birthday !

It looks like that your keyboard is on the table with the monitor. I went to a ergo class recently, and they did some testing on keyboard position for everyone. It turns out that for most people putting the keyboard on the table puts a lot of stress and strain on the shoulder and back. May be try getting a key board tray. Your shoulder should be relax and arms at rest at 90 degree angle at both sides. And don't use the wrist rest while typing, other wise you increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. This site from the CDC has some good suggestions: http://www.cdc.gov/od/ohs/Ergonomics/compergo.htm#KEYBOARD
I got back and shoulder pain too, and changing little things like keyboard height and using left hand mouse has really helped.


Happy birthday Amy! I recently bought myself a "wave" ergo keyboard here and absolutely love it but beware the Yen key that is annoyingly placed where the second half of a large backspace key would be! For me, it switches the input to Chinese but doesn't tab it back out again so till I got used to it I was constantly having to mouse my language back! Though it occurs you've been here ages so are probably used to Japanese keyboards...


Seconding what gracie said about 90 degrees - that's incredibly necessary for correct posture. Ideally you should adjust your chair so that your arms are at the correct height, then adjust your monitor so that the top of it is roughly level with your eyes.

Checking out the link above is probably a good idea as well.


Happy Birthday,Amy!!!!!


Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Kat, I'll definitely ask for extra anchovies next time, that's so good to know.

Hayley, that's one contest you don't want to win. Nice to know other folks do that though.

TK, the wrist rest is great, but like Gracie suggested I don't use it for heavy typing. And food shopping is the best, and it's exactly what we ended up doing.

Melissa, I've heard it's possible but assumed it was only computer geeks who did it. Thanks for the tip, I'll wash the old keyboard that way (we're keeping it as a back-up).

Thanks Gracie! I'm tall, so even with the keyboard on the table my arms are at 90 degrees. Keyboard drawers actually bother me because they hang low enough to bother my legs. But that's a really useful site and now I'm being careful to only use the wrist rest for, well, resting.

Danielle, I'm used to my own keyboard but when I use another one, even in Japan, I make all kinds of mistakes. One thing that bothers me about all keyboards, including my new one, is that there is no Tab key on the right-hand number pad. Since the only time I use those number keys is when I'm filling in an on-line form, I always find myself wishing for a Tab key nearby.

Thanks Tom. That's one thing I really need to do--raise my screen. Correct posture aside, I hate having to look down at it.



nice PC!!


Happy Belated Birthday, Amy!!!


I just adore your blog! Happy Belated Birthday,Amy!


Oh a very happy birthday! I've been so busy at work and with the holidays that I've been out orf the internet.
Also I got a new computer, so until I get around to transferring stuff to the new one it's not easy to pick up where I left off.
A few months ago, I spilled coffee with cream on my keyboard and thought it was a goner, but then found out that you can pop the keys off and wash them!! Let them dry before replacing—the old keyboard might be good as a spare!

I have a question for you: Chirashi-don, what is the difference between this and Kaisendon?
This came up on a post from Gourmet Traveller on my blog links...
I am curious?


Happy belated birthday! Best wishes for a year full of adventure and joy!


Hi there.

The hiking course above looks good. If I have a chance I'd like to do it. Your Kamakura hiking route is first though:)

Sorry to hear your back gives you pain when you're hiking. I wonder what sort of treatment you are having for it...

Dulche de Leche is one of the frozen yogurt flavors at sno:la, a new store on Kawaramachi St here in Kyoto. I like the cleanliness of all the flavors. I'm sure you'd enjoy it too as no lumps except for optional mix-ins:) I'm sure it's either coming or arrived in Tokyo. See the link for details:

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